Top 13 Things to Eat in Grenada

This classic dish of Grenadian cuisine was amazing! See All Grenada Conversations. Don't Tell Me! Everyone has a different order and method, but usually the breadfruit and meat goes on the bottom, most of the vegetables in the middle, and the callaloo leaves and dumplings on top.

Culture of Grenada

Cruise ship arrivals A link to all of the traveller written articles. For breadfruit, yams or potatoes are a decent substitution. La Heliconia. Grenada forums. It all begins with identifying ripe breadfruit and knocking it off the tree with a long stick, followed by lots of peeling, chopping and kneading of dumpling dough, culminating in the minimum one-hour of cooking time. Catherine Meters Time zone: No Comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

All Rights Reserved Do not copy images or text from this page without requesting and receiving permission. Scott Neuman. However, time isn't the only thing consumed: Grenada's national dish is called " Oil down ".

Peel and grate or blend coconut. Cut into 8 sections. Oil Down Judges will be looking for the following 5 criteria: One of my daughters wouldn't try it, but the other thought it was quite good; she loved the sauce and the potatoes.

For instance, callaloo, a leafy vegetable somewhat similar in taste to spinach, and the same plant's root, known as dasheen, are indigenous to the Caribbean and were cultivated by Grenada's earliest Amerindian inhabitants.

Grenada forums. I was told all about it by the uk kew botanical gardens years ago, they did a tour based on their old function as really providing industrial espionage support for the british empire [rubber silk better breeds of crops etc etc.

George's - Grenada, W. Print Version. You are Here: The island of Grenada is located in the southern Caribbean, less than miles north of Venezuela.

Oil Down: The National Dish of Grenada Travel Blog

Scott Neuman for NPR. So was breadfruit, that starchy, nutrient-packed fruit famously associated with the "Mutiny on the Bounty. Scott Neuman for NPR hide caption. Salted fish originally cod imported from Canada was meant as a cheap source of food for the slaves.

Grenada: Oil Down

Friday, March 5, 9: The water evaporates and leaves the coconut oil to mix in — hence the name Oil Down — the callaloo imparts a lovely spinach-like flavour. Season with salt and pepper. Flight time?? Rumboat Retreat. Cruise ship arrivals A link to all of the traveller written articles.

This Hearty Stew Is A One-Pot Lesson In Grenada's History : The Salt : NPR

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. People say it is the island of delights as the smell of spices spreads throughout the country. Confirm Email.