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I turned the orbital off as soon as possible and held it off my paint. You should check out which fastening connection you have before purchasing as there are many types available.

Paint Correction expand. Wanted to bring her paint back to close to new. Pet Supplies. To retain the good looks, the clearcoat must remain clean and finely polished. Make sure the vehicle is not in direct sunlight while waxing. I used lambswool pad to buff the floor. Single Stage Paint System.

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To remove a scratch, you have to remove or level the paint down past the level of scratch. Successfully polishing your car may require a polishing wheel — but it is possible to complete the polishing by hand. By AutoCare. Do not use rubbing compound on your car; it will destroy the finish.

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Views Read Edit View history. R 24, Paint Correction Stage Set the speed of the polisher to 2 and turn the machine on. Create a show car in your own garage! It's a paint sealant basically a wax replacement that you litterally wipe on, wait for a few minutes to cure, then wipe off.

After use, we thoroughly rinse the pad out when finished. Fantastic value for a drill based polishing system. Great Product. They were good for applicable chances.

They were affordable and are a quality product.

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Amazing difference easy to use with a good buffer. I was very skeptical when I watched some YouTube videos of the product. Spray water all over the entire vehicle to prepare it for you to hand wash it.

It does suck up product, but otherwise it holds together and spreads wax and polish evenly. I'm not much better than a total novice but did this to my friend's Tigra with one- http: I took my time, did it in sections, used a a variable speed buffer and got it done.

Not as pictured Picture shows mandrel for mounting pads in a drill.

Solid felt wheels are popular for fine finishes. Together, they cited information from 16 references. Nice quality, will last a long time. They work well. I replaced the stock HF backing plate with this one and it has largely alleviated those problems.

Silverline , add a small helping of common sense and a sprinkling of caution and you won't damage the paint. They will tear. Close Your cart. Be careful around intricate trim pieces. Instead of sending them back I placed them in vinegar all night and steel brushed them in the morning.