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Both women said they had to undergo psychological testing to be on the show. Take a look, below: Published July 6th. Season 11, Episode Do I matter to you? Bridezillas Payback for a Bridezilla? Makes me wonder if people are really serious on that show!

Her guests deserved prized cake, and the cake given to her was not going to cut it. I understand it's some weird tradition that the bride's parents are "supposed" to pay for the wedding. But for the most part he said he just hasn't found anyone compatible.

Let's be honest: Four months to plan a wedding? The couple split after they could not come up with the cash for their dream wedding. Family and Relationships. I don't believe for a second, Groom, that this is the first time you've noticed that your betrothed is, how should I put it? Many on Reddit and Facebook asked if the post was real, commenting that it was too strange to be true. Wear brown undies. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?

Between Veronica's rings missing and her impending mental breakdown, it's time for her mother to step in and wrangle this Zilla into her dress! For whatever reason, these parties have transformed into a person's "last night of freedom" which is so false and just painfully inaccurate and end up being a whole lot of bad news.

Whether the food is wrong, people are late, or the dresses don't look the way you imagined — weddings are stressful. You'll simply be ensuring the uninterrupted loveliness of her day, you might reason, by discreetly reminding your mates that even though this woman is a total and utter dragon If you could change one thing about Jeanine, what would it be?

My Day, My Way! It's expensive, stressful, and a whole lot of tedious details, but it has to be done.

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But Melissa from season seven said what people saw on the show wasn't an accurate representation of the program Jim and Elizabeth run. Sure, guests might get too drunk, the DJ might play some strange songs, and single friends might start crying out of fear of being alone, but the fighting can wait. In fact, throughout the episode, she keeps on prying for more and more money.

Catch this freakout and many more Sundays at 9pm I 8c. And Melissa from season seven said her very own groom sent in her application "as a joke. Then she insisted that no one bring their children under any circumstances. You have to get to them before it earns its own thread on Reddit.

The couple was beloved by the cast, and Porsha said her biggest complaint was not being able to speak with them off camera. See one of her posts about the episode, below: Cardio and Explosive Cardio 1 Web Exclusives. And you won't believe who's ready to hop in the middle of it!

And the rest of your life, for that matter. Fitness and Health.