We need to talk about your KPOP Idols and their mental illnesses.

I hope google translation and google have me spelling these things right 8. Made my day. In this setting, women need to juggle the cultural expectations of being productive, engaged citizens, with the expectations of femininity and beauty that is also demanded from them.

Beauty is prized almost everywhere in the world, but in South Korea its value is upfront and open. Male cosmetic surgery is also on the rise, though they still only make up a small percentage of operations. This sounds like it should be a negative but, in fact, engaged with in a healthy way, parasocial relationships can have serious benefits.

Doron Ringler, chief resident at the maxillofacial oral surgery unit of Columbia College of Dental Medicine, has other ideas.

BTS is one of the most popular Korean pop bands in the world. All of that you could check out if you go there on vacation. Ugouna Thursday, January 3, 0 Thursday, January 3, Part of his role was to help treat Korean accident and burn victims.

I never understood why International fans use that word with idols when they are not Korean. Atbash Thursday, January 3, 2 Thursday, January 3, You are so right about not caring bout what people think isn't a mental state.

I would say that everyone who commented negatively on her photos need to have a specialist evaluation themselves.

If we were all to conceptualise idols in this manner, fans, idols and, well, everyone, except, perhaps, their entertainment companies, would be better for it. She's just posting a normal photo like every other person would. They call them parasocial relationships. Vee Hart.

Attention ends up going towards controversial things. This perspective ties into what Dr. But we do see people looking to the consumer market for help in their personal lives. I know I always get made fun of and called weird because I like foreign music!

Opinion of a psychologist about k-pop fans K-Pop Amino

The cost of all surgeries in Korea are, in fact, about a third of the U. They are all very sensitive children, they are easily tolerated to tears for a long time due to one incident. Over-optimism is also what I am, who I came to be after being in a miserable state pretend to be something I'm not.

Like Loading Of course, I made my own embarrassing musical choices too we're not here to talk about that , but I think the thing about K-pop that really rubbed me the wrong way—and still does—is that it's less about the music and more about creating an army of perfect-looking girls and boys, usually with the help of plastic surgery ehem , who have shit talent in music yet make millions and millions of dollars.

We -- Americans -- might not see plastic surgery on the same level here that we see in Korea. Writing regularly about K-pop on the internet has taught me as much as, if not more than, my three and a half years of journalism studies. It's a complex, risky procedure. Like ugh I really hate being stereotyped for liking kpop…..