From asset heavy to asset light: risk-managing AirAsia’s new digital business

Is the asset strategic? Strictly Necessary Cookies: Ideas Roots Universe Team Institute. Low interest rates and excess liquidity have reached bizarre levels. This volatility-smoothing effect is not felt in industries in which most costs are variable such as apparel and footwear manufacturing or when asset-light models do not involve variable rents such as railways.

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One strategy growing in popularity has been the asset-light business model. The advent of the internet meant the larger the chain, the more visible it would be online. These companies own virtually no assets, or one specific asset, and are formed for the specific purpose of servicing a loan. By the mid- s, the European landscape had become increasingly brand dominated; scale was king and franchising was gaining maturity. Duplicating Some Partner Activities.

We have just launched our chatbot, which means that a lot of the more straightforward customer queries can be answered automatically, so our live customer care can focus on the more complex queries.

It is a challenge to keep abreast of all the different data protection regulation around the world and the complexity of our business dictates that we must constantly be on top of all those regulations. Jump to page content Accessibility. A Truly Entrep reneurial Team Find out more. Image credit: The asset-light ownership model has presented challenges to the hotel industry, however, with analysts suggesting an increasing number of operators are now beginning to either enter leasing agreements, put forward 'key money' or even buy properties outright.

The business world is evolving and going asset light is yet another facet of this evolution. Many have therefore responded by offering that little bit extra. He is chairman of Open Matters , a machine learning company. They are also value-light, with multiples topping out around two.

That is where our Alpha project comes in… With our literacy program, every year thousands of women in Burkina Faso learn how to read and write. Online only Risk management - is it relevant? Related articles. Digitisation accelerates competition. Our ethos is that data is our biggest asset and we like our insurers to share that belief. Logout Cancel. See Latest Podcasts. The hospitality sector, especially the hotels are adopting the model fast.

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Does the Asset Light Business Model Work? Franchise

Compare Popular Online Brokers. Companies with high fixed costs rely on revenues to cover those costs, so net income depends on utilization—and profits can swing widely from one year to the next. See Exhibit 2. Risk is of course not the responsibility of the risk function or the Board.

See Exhibit 1. Is the asset in short supply? Adam Whybrew Principal Sydney. No comments. Adam Whybrew.