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Children are also a future investment. Why do dictators ban their people from traveling?

Zimbabwe's coup did not create democracy from dictatorship

She is a proud veteran, wife and mother. This suggests a slightly different perspective: Dictatorship In a dictatorship, a single person, a dictator, has absolute power over the state. In a representative democracy, citizens elect representatives who make the law.

Politics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. In addition to the excellent answers by Thorsten and Alexei, there were a couple of other factors:.

List of Dictatorship Countries & Countries Ruled by Dictator

I think the most media channel used was [Radio Liberty] en. Day Donaldson. Events Christiana Herringham: He has introduced free basic education, boosted trade and lowered maternal and child mortality by more than 50 percent. Thorsten S. By extending their horizons, they would generally become unhappy about the situation. Best time of the childhood, I have to admit with nostalgia. On the contrary the more you restricted to have a glance over the fence the more you are interested to look what is there, and some information will leak anyway.

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For that reason, the structure of a monarchy keeps the training for governing within the family. And if you look back further, all European countries and probably most countries in the world where dictatorships with a king as a dictator, but you where still able to travel mostly free in Europe your religion might limit your opportunities to travel but that was mostly the destination country posing limits, not your own king preventing you from going abroad.

Well, this is where I want to reiterate some of what IllusiveBrian said. Last year, Syria held its presidential election and Bashar al-Assad claimed victory with The Undemocratic People's Republic of Korea http: Perhaps someday some of these modern dictatorships will cast off their dictators and embrace a more democratic and inclusive form of government. In many ways, this form of government is like a laser. Could it be that a dictator is usually interested in looting the country he rules, and having a smaller population means more natural resources for him and fewer protesters?

Elderly Care in Iran February 25, - 1: While many answers noted that "people are resource" extra kudos to those geopolitically aware that populace size directly corresponds to army size and thus to military power in many dictatorships without US-model professional army , none of the answers noted the second half of the "human resource" graph.

Despite planned economy and fixed prices, there were no deficit unlike USSR , shelves in the shops were as full as they are nowadays and there were no problem to get anything. At least now they are not very happy after they have joined Western Germany, because recession came to these places as like to USSR after its collapse.