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It should be avoided, though, as it looks unprofessional and is sometimes misleading. Nida, Eugene. In certain cases the transposition is required to achieve an effect acceptable in target language, while in other cases it is optional and depends on translator's decision. The games presents the story of a nameless hacker, who, after hacking a space station Citadel, floating around the planet Saturn, accepts the offer of station's Vice President Edward Diego to remove ethical limitations of SHODAN — artificial intelligence controlling the whole structure.

Thus, both translations: God speed, PL: A poem or a novel, on the contrary, can be translated more freely by using dynamic equivalence, as the strict adherence to the original version can be sacrificed for the comfort of reader. Jaki jest wasz cel? Morgan Everett is an eccentric, mysterious person, surrounded by only a handful of his co-workers. A deep analysis would reveal some similarities to the Middle English phrase, but the first impression obviously does not emphasize the function of a wish and it is the first impression only that matters in such short phrases.

It is thus necessary to prepare more language files than the game actually requires, so that further add-ons can be prepared with ease. The translator's motives can hardly be explained, most probably the change was simply a mistake.

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The root user, also known simply as an administrator, possesses all privileges in the system, can apply any change in the configuration, is not restricted by any limitation and has access to every file stored on the server even files, which belong to other users. However, the novel has been released in Poland in and translated by Maria Skibniewska. In so doing, the target text is from the very early stages of translation strictly skopos-oriented, as opposed to other theories, which focus on prescriptions derived from the source text.

They contain technical information concerning the mechanisms in the game and often highly complicated notifications. The CE translators, by changing the way the statue is referred to from descriptive form to proper name, avoided emphasizing the noun.

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The protagonist, major Motoko Kusanagi, is a cyborg, recruited by the military and serving as the squad leader of Japanese Security Section 9. Private sphere not included in the surveillance, or the one which for some reason could not be overseen, did not exist. Praca Socjalna Kierunek: Jakobson 3. The structure can be slightly different from the original, it is often used in case of common collocations, names of organizations or components of compounds. It is yet another example, where one of the groups decided to translate the text form the source language literally, relying on rules of English grammar and spelling.

However, it has to be noted, that the group, which decided to translate the game consisted mostly of volunteers, people who contributed to the work not because of financial gratification, but because of their passion for language and skills in translation. Mackenzie, Charles. Every element of the phrase is translated literary. Certain elements present in the source language culture can be understood differently in other countries.

What is it you object to? While this procedure offers detailed explanation of unknown phrases and names, it is less favoured by translators, as it greatly irritates the reader which is obliged to find the definition at the end of the book every time he encounters a foreign word. Grzegorz Kasdepke. In one of them, Garvin enumerates the requirements which must be met in order to produce a proper translation.

P ad libitum. The second one is a short introduction to the theory of translation. With no familiarity with the game and no immediate possibility of testing translated part in practice, the translation can be flawed. Usually, the characters used in the computer systems and networks are limited to the standard ASCII charset, which does not include Polish diacritic marks. Computer games are not an exception.