University of Leicester. Spider Robinson had always been a vocal fan of Robert Heinlein to the point that many of his own works included references to Heinlein and his works. Most of the current authors for the Whateley Universe started out by writing fanfic for the universe and then being asked to join the 'canon cabal'. Tennant, like everyone else, loved Sarah Jane Smith.

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Culshaw is a celebrity ambassador for the charity Trekstock. AJ Lee went from an anime, video game and pro wrestling fangirl living out of motels with her family as a kid; there's a video from a WWE produced piece back in of Lita at a signing for a just released video of hers and a teenage AJ shows up very visibly emotional at getting to meet who was presumably her idol.

Many of the people involved in running the Scripps National Spelling Bee were winners when they were kids. Professional Wrestling. Almost half of the Muppeters from Sesame Street: He was put through to Tony Blair who, despite instantly discovering the ruse, had a lengthy conversation with him until a member of Blair's staff ended the call. Not only is Antonio a brony , but he was only 15 years old. Demi Lovato guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy , her favorite show.

Sam Mendes is a confirmed Bond fan who got to direct Skyfall and Spectre. He has said that it was because of Doctor Who and particularly, Peter Davison 's performance as the Fifth Doctor that he wanted to be the Doctor. A girl named Katelin who was a fan of Kim Possible appeared in the episode "Clean Slate", in which she asked the title character for an autograph.

He would go on to play a large part in many of Cameron's projects, including design and visual effects work for Terminator 2: She ended up being invited onto the show for episode to fill in for one of the other hosts, returning for a few more episodes before popular demand from fans led her to becoming a semi-regular co-host.

The Incipience.

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Follow TV Tropes. Fitting as Gaim is tonally similar to Ryuki. Despite that the Necrons still had their ancient Egyptian influence heavily Flanderized. A rather different example than most: Davies , the first showrunner of the new series, was also a tremendous fan and had actually sent in scripts during the show's original run, and in the mids actually wrote an officially licensed Doctor Who novel for Virgin Publishing's New Adventures line.

He was also fond of the X-Men animated series when he was younger, and can hum the theme song from memory. He was not only brought on to Hasbro, but Long Haul was the first new design for the Revenge of the Fallen toyline and he went on to design several more for the movie. Arthaus recruited them from the "Kargatane", a web-based group of fanzine writers. Years later after becoming a professional actor, Kassir was called in to audition for and then cast to voice the Crypt Keeper himself in the Tales from the Crypt TV series.

Rich Koz, the current Svengoolie , who applied for a writing position and became the show's star in both revivals when the original Svengoolie, Jerry G. What the hell does that mean? Robert De Niro was a fan of the show and not only did he get to play Fearless Leader in that same film, but he also co-produced it.

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It is very common for administrators and moderators on many forums to be promoted ordinary members. She wrote a short story in an Expanded Universe collection and two episodes of the actual series season six's "Coming Home" and "Legacy".

In , Teddy Antonio submitted premises to Hasbro and was called by current showrunner Meghan McCarthy to work on an idea for an episode where Fluttershy and Discord become roommates. Christopher Lee re-read The Lord of the Rings once a year and was the only one on the film set who actually met its author, J.

He specifically wanted to be a shortstop for the Yankees, his favorite team growing up.