Top 10 Secrets of Successful Classroom Management

20 Classroom Management Strategies and Techniques [+ Downloadable List]

With procedures in place, you will have time to devote to creating learning plans for student success. Provide a new assessment, allowing them to prove their competency. Like a well-organized apartment manager, effective teachers have procedures in place for every contingency — from routine daily assignments that might be interrupted by an unexpected guest to restoring calm in the classroom after an emergency drill.

Especially in diverse classrooms where many students are from different backgrounds, I want to create an environment where students are not and do not feel that they are being treated unfairly. I would also like to implement some class meetings where we can discuss what is working and not working with the class.

For instance, you could start with a warning, move on to a write-up, and then go to a letter home. In these notebooks, students can show their creativity in designing a cover page for each unit as well as doing free-writes or reflections to the lessons and central questions right in the notebook. You can and should use this system as the basis of your own. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

Sample Classroom Management Plan

I would also send the constitution home to have the parents sign it and return it to me so that I can include them in what we are trying to accomplish in the classroom.

Note their answers to come up with activities and approaches that engage them, thereby limiting classroom disruptions. Before the class ends, walk over to their desks to give them raffle tickets. Determine your philosophy.

Complement words with actions and visual aids to improve content delivery, helping students focus and process lessons. That calm is created with procedures. You can also tell them about the rewards and consequences systems.

Classroom Management 4: Plan of Action

Janelle Cox has an M. Return to Classroom Management Plan instructions. Provide a range of activities during free study time to appeal to students who struggle to process content in silence, individually. Chris Gash; Photo: Columnists Harry Wong and Rosemary Wong share why proactive teachers are the ones with the most successful classrooms. Together We Can End the Struggle.

Top 5 Behavior Management Strategies For Teachers

I think this dialogue is crucial in creating an environment where the students feel autonomous and in control of their learning. About Us. Then, go through the list with your students. JL Juvy Llaneta Sep 24, I think my attitude towards the students is not overbearing or authoritative.

Each day is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over again with a plan. I agree with this prevention strategy because once a student is not held accountable, then the problem will just perpetuate. Move on to positive reinforcement. Share Flipboard Email. In order to establish a learning environment, students need to feel safe physically and emotionally; they need to treat each other with respect, which means not allowing name-calling or put-downs in the class.

Expect that some students will test you by misbehaving.