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Using a phrase of random words like: New Western is a great tool to have in the back pocket of any investor. Have you missed any deals because your agent is out of town or too busy to help? As a subscriber, this gives you an advantage over other investors who a looking for properties on the Sunday paper and MLS listings. We also guarantee at least 15 new deals each month.

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If this is not the case, please reply back to clarify. Are you educated on the process of real estate investing? I also understand that you as a wholesaler would not recommend another wholesaler We are expert wholesalers and always keep our end investors profits in mind. Stop distractions. Forgot password. Back to topics. They do look like they are people who know what they are doing.

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The investor can walk through the property and if they choose to purchase it, that is when the 5k is to be deposited towards the purchase price of the property. Our list is made up of wholesale properties.

Thanks Dane Ohlen ,. Being investors, we understand how to negotiate for the lowest feasible price and offer that discount to you the end investor. Discussion Forum. You have to know your market and your buyers.

You can click here for an online flyer, or you can feel free to give me a call at for more info. New Kids On The Block: Investors advertise Dallas wholesale properties they have under contract; potential investors like you see the properties on the list and contact the sellers to place offers on the ones they are interested in which are still owned by the original owner and under contract with the initial investor.

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Good friend of mine bought two homes from them thus far to flip and he said the profit margins were very small when all done. The biggest challenge in my opinion is finding deals that are wholesale-able She knows this investor business like no one else.

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